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For anyone that either never heard of or ever worked “virtually” before Covid-19, I’m almost certain that you have after the pandemic. The development of “cloud computing” or software has taken place over the last 15 years where it is now mainstream. Instead of software that’s accessible on your desktop or through a network, cloud software is accessible through the internet or the “cloud”. But to be truly successful, cloud software needed higher bandwidth through either local area networks or WiFi. Technologies have taken care of this issue, where cloud software can not only be used seamlessly through a WiFi connection but where there is data protection (VPN) that also secures the use of such data. The beauty of cloud software, besides being able to work from anywhere (which I take full advantage of); is that cloud software is accessible by multiple users, even at the same time. This allows for real-time work to be done in a collaborative manner, through a Zoom or Webex video conference or if necessary, in person. And instead of producing a report, schedule document of something, which may be outdated, real-time links or live feeds can be worked with using the most current and accurate information.

About dubmac
Dubmac About the owner

About the owner

William McCauley is a CPA licensed in both California and Nevada, who has over 15 years of experience in public accounting; over 10 of which were with Big 4 accounting firms. He’s also led tax departments of several well-known clothing retailers. Most of his experience while in public accounting were with entertainment, media and technology companies; many of which were start-ups where William quickly became a trusted outsourced tax resource.Since 2012, William has operated his own accounting and tax practice, where his focus on transitioning clients from desktop to cloud-based services are coupled with him providing his clients with advice to improve their financial outcomes or in producing tax savings. This has helped him build his present practice with approximately 30 individual clients and 20 business clients.